Wetterau: Invalid loan: Opposition makes Gnadl responsible

The focus of the meeting of the County Council Wetterauer the events surrounding the illegal awarding of a business start-up loan of more than 180,000 euros to a social welfare recipient by an employee of the Social Welfare Office and the consequences were on Wednesday of this case.

I m The meeting of the Wetterau County Council were on Wednesday the events surrounding the illegal awarding of a business start-up loan of more than 180,000 euros to a social welfare recipient by an employee of the social welfare office and the consequences of this case. The fraction of voters Community (FWG / UWG) had tabled a motion in which an external audit of contracting practices of loans should be done by the state audit. Green and FDP supported this request, the coalition parties CDU and SPD but rejected it on the grounds that the necessary research could also be performed in-house.

The Audit Office of the county finance department has already proved in detecting the case that this was possible, said Chief Financial Councilor and First Assistant District Bertram Huke (CDU). Social department Bardo Bayer (SPD) added, more efficient controls had already been conducted within the responsible department in the way. In addition, he announced that he had caused the county committee that will begin the preparations for the installation of a new computer program with better safety standards immediately. After Bayer representations of employees could, therefore, instruct the improper payments because it is to cover lock in the previous computer software of Social Services had not been installed. The clerk was allowed to pay a maximum of 2,500 euros. The additional approved payment instructions had not initially noticed in the number of bookings. Bayer also acknowledged errors in the workflow, because the payments without the knowledge of the outside line or other higher-level services were done. Through organizational changes should be the future prevented.

Particularly spokesman for the voter community expressed criticism of the “patently lax control mechanisms”. Cited by Bayer inadequacies of the computer system could not be an excuse. Group chairman Helmut M√ľnch resembled a year’s earlier case, in which around 250,000 marks had been embezzled the social security office. These insufficient consequences have been drawn clearly. According to the FDP, the IT deficiencies had known for some time and should have been resolved. The Greens saw because of “numerous omissions” and the faculty management and the county tip the responsibility.

The coalition partners expressed their conviction prevent technical improvements and more efficient controls a repetition of the case but were revealed differences within the circular top with regard to the consequences for the accused employee. Huke had spoken in his words, “because of the dimension of this case” for a summary dismissal of the staff member. District Rolf Gnadl (SPD), however, has decided to put the person concerned first only in another service: As long as the prosecutor’s investigation, whether it constitutes an unjustified lending or a case of embezzlement, were not completed, was a transfer “under status penalty “appropriate action, Gnadl said. There were similar cases in which convicts have reached their reinstatement in court. What.